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Tham Im May


Im May has worked as a psychotherapist/counsellor in different
settings like child protection and private practices. She is passionate about supporting children, youths and adults who are vulnerable and journeying with them to develop meaningful relationships within themselves and with their loved ones. She values and pays keen attention to her clients’ voices as it is an important aspect of the therapeutic process to be heard and understood. She strives to resource clients with regulation techniques: through the knowledge and awareness to connect meaningfully with their emotional and somatic states.

Im May graduated with a Master’s Degree in Counselling with
Monash University. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early
Childhood Education and an Advanced Diploma in Special Needs Education. She is an EMDR International Association certified EMDR therapist and a registered counsellor with Singapore Association for Counselling.

While Im May uses EMDR as the primary modality, she is also
well-versed with different counselling techniques such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Mindfulness, Expressive Arts, Sand Tray and Somatic Experiencing . She uses different techniques to attune and assist her clients in their complex and challenging situations.

Im May keenly believes in keeping up with the updated
research and effective therapeutic work that can benefit her clients. Currently, Im May is receiving training in Neuro Affective Touch to aid clients in integrating relational and psychodynamic modalities with her client through the therapeutic use of touch and body work.

Over the years, Im May has been supporting with clients
(including neurodiverse individuals) who experienced pre/post natal trauma, relational wounds and various types of trauma like physical, emotional, sexual, developmental and complex. She believes resolutely that it is a privilege and honor to be able to journey with her clients.

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